A Good Pug Goes to War
Doctor(s) The Pompous Doctor
Companion(s) Martin the Pug
Villain(s) Grudgeworthy
Wave Walkies in the Death Zone
Wave/Episode No. 2.3
Duration 14m 7s
Originally Released 28th January 2014
Previous Story Off to the Shops
Next Story Death to the Davros

A Good Pug Goes to War is the third episode of The Pompous Doctor's second wave Walkies in the Death Zone.

In a case of mistaken identity, Martin becomes the King of an entire planet. Meanwhile, The Doctor is put into prison for kidnapping - and there's someone waiting there for him.


The Doctor and Martin arrive on Metebelis 14, because The Doctor wants to buy a new pair of trousers after Martin ate his last pair. He is surrounded by guards whilst vacating the TARDIS with Martin, who claim that he has kidnapped King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III (known as Brian to his subjects), who mysteriously disappeared . As it happens, King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III is a pug, which means they mistake Martin for him.

The Doctor is thrown into a Psychic Prison, where he is forced to keep company with an illusion of his older self: The Dynamite Doctor. It is here we learn that The Doctor has Postanimuminsidiusaphobia.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that a man known as Grudgeworthy is the real captor, and has taken King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III out of the picture so that he can call for war against the Blobatrons of Spottron Pi without opposition. Martin is helpless to do anything, because he is a regular pug of low intelligence, whereas as the king had high intelligence and a translator.

The Doctor escapes from the Psychic Prison through logic and stops Grudgeworthy just in time, revealling the real king to be hidden inside Grudgeworthy's trousers. As a reward for saving him, King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III gives The Doctor a crate of pug-proof trousers.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor is forced to wear jeans in this episode and remains highly uncomfortable throughout the entire story. He has been on trial and kidnapped a king at least once before.

Martin the PugEdit

Martin has destroyed the Doctor's only trousers, resulting in their visit to Metebilis 14. He is mistaken for King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III, due them both being pugs.

The Dynamite DoctorEdit

The Doctor is held in a Psychic Prison, a room which contains no locks but can generate the occupant's worst nightmare in order to keep them captive. The Dynamite Doctor appears for The Pompous Doctor. It is revealed that The Pompous Doctor fears the day he will become Dynamite.

King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf IIIEdit

The King is known affectionally to his subjects as Brian. He is merciful to Grudgeworthy and generous to The Doctor.


Ambassador to Spottron Pi, Grudgeworthy has grown to hate its inhabitants, The Blobatrons, due to their slapstick hijinks and unnecissary custard wastage.



The DoctorBilly Treacy

Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III - Benji Clifford

Grudgeworthy - David Boskett

The Dynamite Doctor - Jon Gransden

Guard - Christopher Thomson

News Reporter - Joel H Joelson

Judgebot 3000 - Benji Clifford

Blobatrons - Benji Clifford


Written by - Joel H Joelson

Music - Daniel Sherratt

Theme Tune - Billy Treacy

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy