• POMfannumber1


    My name is POMfannumber1, and recently I thought, "I keep seeing people talking about this Aimless Wanderings thing, so let's go through it all from the start, like I do with any TV show/film series/any other franchise".

    Today, the Five Who Fans appearances! Well, part one, the rest shall be done at other times.

    NOTE: This is the first time I have gone through this universe, so don't get on my back and shout at me for anything.

    NOTE 2: This is not meant as a personal attack on anyone who makes Aimless Wanderings. Splendid chaps, all of them.

    Ah, the story that started it all. Both the Aimless Wanderings universe and this was my first experience of Aimless Wanderings.

    The plot of this is simple enough. Billy Treacy claims to have a rea…

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  • Matthew.moir.94

    How about us as a community make the Doctors' army (and Pompous' army too), to celabrate War of The Doctors.

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