Convolution of The Doctor
Doctor(s) The Dynamite Doctor
Companion(s) Christie Christwald
Villain(s) Time Devil
Wave None
Wave/Episode No. X.2
Duration 43m 33s
Originally Released 27th March - 10th April 2014
Previous Story Jim
Next Story Trouble at Chapel

Convolution of The Doctor is The Dynamite Doctor's second special.

The Doctor and his latest replaceable companion Christie travel to Cardiff to meet a new old friend, but a new old enemy from the Time War has other ideas.


Side AEdit

The Doctor decides to take Christie to Cardiff to meet his new old friend Geoff the Axon, who owes him money. While meeting Geoff inside a Ford Cortina that is bigger on the inside than the outside, an enormous spaceship materialises above Cardiff. It teleports the car inside, with The Doctor, Christie and Geoff still inside. They emerge out into the spaceship to find what appears to be a huge cave (like 10 cathedrals, but bigger), where they are confronted by a Time Devil. The Time Devils were gentically engineered by the Daleks during the Time War, and one survived to hunt down The Doctor, which - after killing Geoff - is exactly what it does. All The Doctor leaves behind is a pile of nicknacks, including a bag of old fruit pastels, a blue question mark and a golden pug brooch.

Side BEdit

The Time Devil declares its mission complete, before disintergrating and leaving Christie alone in the spaceship. When approaching the bag of nicknacks, Christie hears The Doctor's voice. He sends her on a mission through time and space to meet all of his prior incarnations - she even visits The Original Doctor, but she doesn't know what to say and has nothing to give him, so it sort of ruins the moment. After giving the other incarnations the objects, she travels back to the present, and The Doctor is reborn for reasons that are never made very clear.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor demonstrates some form of relationship with Geoff the Axon when they make out infront of Christie for an unnervingly long time. He can also come up with convoluted plans at a minute's notice.

Christie ChristwaldEdit

Christie finds herself having to save The Doctor over and over again, and becomes increasingly impatient with his previous incarnations. How she puts up with her Doctor is anyone's guess.

Geoff the AxonEdit

Geoff was turned good by The Doctor after a previous invasion attempt. Since then they have fought off the Cybermen and gone on an expensive meal together, for which Geoff still owes The Doctor money. Geoff lives in a Ford Cortina that's bigger on the inside and resides in Cardiff. He is shot and blasted from existed by the Time Devil.

The Original DoctorEdit

It is unclear when in this incarnation's life the event occurs, but he is walking through London at night and Christie's distraction causes him to walk into a wall, hurting his nose in the process. She then completely ruins the moment by realising how important the occasion is and forgetting what to say.

The Fruit Pastel DoctorEdit

Christie finds The Fruit Pastel Doctor and a group of builders referbishing his new pub The Rotten Pastel and gives him a bag of moudly fruit pastels. She then convinces The Doctor not to eat them and instead use them as inspiration for a new fruit pastel section within the pub.

The Sorry DoctorEdit

It turns out that Christie was responsible for causing The Sorry Doctor to fall from the tower to the TARDIS swimming pool in On the Line, as The Dynamite Doctor convinces her to push him off (it's what is apparently meant to happen, because it's already happened). Before this, though, she gives him a blue stitch-on question mark for his collar. The Sorry Doctor accepts this gift and later uses blue question marks for his outfit.

The Pompous DoctorEdit

Christie finds The Pompous Doctor just after his adventure in A Good Pug Goes to War in the TARDIS. When The Pompous Doctor realises that The Dynamite Doctor has sent her to give him a pug brooch, he hides under a chair in fear. She gives up trying to negociate and simply pins it to the flap on the back of his jacket, before disappearing. Martin is completely apathetic to the situation.


Martin does not like Christie, because she smells of time, but decides not to attack her, due to the fact that he reckons The Pompous Doctor should be old enough to fight his own battles.



Read by - Jon Gransden


Written by - Joel H Joelson

Music - Billy Treacy

Theme Tune - Daniel Sherratt

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy