Daleks of the Apocalypse
Doctor(s) The Pompous Doctor
Companion(s) Wren Stark, Tim
Villain(s) Daleks
Wave Darker Paths
Wave/Episode No. 3.4, 3.5
Duration 27m 02s
Originally Released 25th September - 17th October 2014
Previous Story The Corner of the Universe
Next Story Flicker

Daleks of the Apocalypse makes up the fourth and fifth episodes of The Pompous Doctor's third wave Darker Paths.

Zombies stumble across the streets of Cardiff and Dalek saucers surround the Earth. Meanwhile, The Doctor meets someone important from his future.


Part OneEdit

The TARDIS materialises in Cardiff,Wales (much to the Doctor's horror and Tim's curiosity.) They are attacked by a hoard of zombies, but are rescued by a man and a girl and are brought into a warehouse. The Doctor recognises the girl as Wren Stark, the companion, that his future self will regenerate for. The Doctor tries to escape her, can't due to the Zombies. Wren explains that the earth has been overtaken by a zombie apocalypse. When Wren and the man Douglas go to board the windows, the Doctor tells Tim about Wren's signifigance to his future. He hopes that if he can avoid her, then he might no regenerate into the Dynamite incarnation. Tim is shocked, but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Daleks who are able to invade the earth, due to it's new vulnerability. The Doctor and Tim plan to escape to the TARDIS with Douglas and Wren. Two Daleks arrive and one of them is infected by a zombie, causing the Dalek to become hesitant, confused and downright idiotic. The Doctor and his friends are apprehended by the Daleks, whereas the Doctor uses the alias "John Smith" to avoid the Daleks exterminating them, but Douglas idiotically blows his cover. Douglas is exterminated by the Daleks to demonstrate their superiority. The Doctor is taken to the Dalek ship, while Tim and Wren are guarded by the infected Dalek. Inside the Daleks' lab, the Doctor is shocked to find that the leader of the Daleks is his old enemy, Davros!

Part TwoEdit

The Doctor is confused as to how Davros is still alive, but Davros replies that he escaped with the aid of an escape pod (despite the fact that the Doctor saw him die in bed, of old age.) Back outside, Wren tells Tim that if they survive, she wants to come with the Doctor and Tim, as her family was killed by the zombies. Davros reveals to the Doctor that the zombie virus was created by an eccentric Dalek named Dilbert, and because the virus infected the Daleks too, Dilbert was sent into exile. The Doctor then reveals that Dilbert was actually rescued by the Fruit Pastel Doctor, then becoming Fruit Pastel's companion. The infected Dalek has broken out of it's casing and tries to attack Tim and Wren, but it can only move really slowly. The Doctor creates and antidote for the virus and tells Davros that he'll return to the TARDIS to jettison it into the atmosphere. Once in the TARDIS, the Doctor communicates with Davros, saying that if he wants to avoid his future, then he mustn't become the kind polite man his future self was. He then reveals that tee antidote cures humans, but destroy Dalekannium. Since he's no longer to be a good man, the Doctor gloats, before activating the antidote. Tim is horrified by what the Doctor's done, and when he demands they take Wren with them, she declines saying she knows when she' not wanted. Tim pursuades Wren to come with them to prevent him doing any other horrific things. Wren accepts and joins the TARDIS crew, much to the Doctor's annoyance.


The DoctorEdit

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Tim Edit

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Wren Stark Edit

From Wren's perspective, this is her first encounter with The Doctor. She is an American that is on holiday in Cardiff when the zombie apocalypse begins. Since then she has been surviving alongside Douglas Grawads.

Martin the Pug Edit

Tim has taught Martin to open the TARDIS doors from the inside. He spends this adventure asleep inside the TARDIS. It's revealed that the Doctor hides Martin's food under the Eye of Harmony.



The DoctorBilly Treacy

Tim - Christopher Johnson

Wren Stark - Britty Lea

Daleks - Benji Clifford

Benji Clifford (Uncredited)

Davros - Benji Clifford

Douglas Grawads - David Boskett


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - Billy Treacy

Theme Tune - Billy Treacy

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy