David's Grave
Doctor(s) The Sorry Doctor
Companion(s) David
Villain(s) Zygons, Lord Bogroll, The Space Oracle
Wave The Search for Ireland
Wave/Episode No. 2.3
Duration 16m 4s
Originally Released 4th June 2014
Previous Story iDalek
Next Story The Doctor Museum

David's Grave is the third episode of The Sorry Doctor's second wave The Search for Ireland.

The Doctor and David come across a Space Oracle in a graveyard. And David is dead.


Due to it's failure to arrive in Ireland, David kicks the TARDIS console, causing the TARDIS to arrive in a graveyard where David finds a gravestone with his name on it. He and the Doctor encounter an elderly woman who claims to be a Space Oracle. She states that they are in Ireland in the future, and offers to tell David how he will die.

Game of ThornsEdit

The Doctor and David are staying at a medieval castle when David almost falls off a small cliff underneath of which are thorn bushes. Clinging on, the terrified David urges the Doctor to pull him up (as David is severely allergic to thorn bushes.) A knight named Sir Jim arrives, but the Doctor politely declines his offer of help. Struggling with trying to pull David up, the Doctor apologetically decides to let him fall. ("I'm sorry David, but when you play the Game of Thorns, you win or you die!") David falls and dies after being pricked by the thorns.

However, The Doctor and David realise that the Oracle's story was false, as David isn't actually allergic to thorn bushes. The Oracle explains that they have passed a test, to see if they were worthy of hearing the real story.

Let Zygons be BygonesEdit

The Doctor and David are relaxing on a 20th century cruise ship. David is extremely bored, saying he's done every possible form of entertainment on the ship, except trying to socialise with the other passengers. ("If I wanted to listen to a bunch of rich idiots talking about things that don't really matter, I'd watch Downton Abbey.") David wanders off, and is captured by a Zygon who was disguised as an elderly waiter. The Zygon returns to attack the Doctor, but has unfortunately forgotenn to disguise himself. The Doctor throws a book at the Zygon's face, subduing him. The injured Zygon tells the Doctor where their HQ is. The Doctor arrives and is confronted by 4 Zygons, all disguised as David. The Doctor asks each of the Davids a question that only the real David would know and if they get the questions wrong, the Doctor will shoot them with a ray gun. All the Davids end up being shot meaning that they were all Zygons. The real David arrives, but the Doctor, driven mad by the events occurring around him, shoots him. ("I have had it with these mother flipping Zygons, on this mother flipping cruise liner!") Too late the Doctor realises that the David he just shot was the real one.

David realises that story was wrong too as the Doctor would never use a gun, and that he doesn't have the physical strength to have thrown the book at the Zygon. The Oracle says it was another test, and that the next story is the true account. This is the tale of the Timerash.


The Doctor and "David" arrive on an unnamed planet ruled by the deformed Lord Bogroll. Bogroll's most horrific form of torture is the "Timerash",a carpet which gives a horrible rash to whoever is lying on top of it. Time passes at 1 second per second as this happens. The Doctor and "David" are captured by Bogroll's guards and brought before the Timerash, but given it's ludicrous nature "David" attempts to leave, but is shot down by the guards, while the Doctor yells in horror.

The Doctor notices that this story is false too, as the David in the story, neither looked nor sounded like the real David. Also the false David was Scottish, and wore a kilt, whereas the real David is Irish. The Oracle admits that she isn't really an oracle and the place they are in isn't an actual graveyard (and they're not really in Ireland.) The "Oracle" is a TV presenter for "Space Prank Central" where their weekly feature includes showing gullible travellers their supposed futures/deaths. But they're going to cancel it now, as they have been unable to fool the Doctor and David. Before departing, David request that he be able to take "his" gravestone with him.

A post-credits scene shows David struggling to carry the heavy tombstone,while the Doctor urges him to hurry up.


The DoctorEdit

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The DoctorDaniel Sherratt

DavidDavid McLaughlin

Sir Jim Keith - Billy Treacy

Zygons - Benji Clifford

Not David - Joel H Joelson

Guard - Billy Treacy

Peasants - Billy Treacy

Lord Bogroll - Billy Treacy

Space Oracle - Billy Treacy


Written by - Billy Treacy, David McLaughlin and Joel H Joelson

Music - Billy Treacy

Theme Tune - Daniel Sherratt

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy