Species Kaled
Played by Benji Clifford, Benjamin Rudman

A genius and meglomaniac in equal measure, Davros is the creator of the Daleks.

Personal TimelineEdit

Death to the DavrosEdit

Davros was dying of old age and was placed in a hospital for poorly Daleks. He had only one continuous visitor: The Pompous Doctor (with the occasional interruption from The Fruit Pastel Doctor). The Doctor and Davros had become good friends. Davros died shortly after. Unbeknownst to The Doctor, Davros had an escape pod installed in purgatory so that he could escape.

Zombie DaleksEdit

After escaping death, Davros and a group of Daleks invaded Cardiff during the zombie apocalypse. Davros requested The Pompous Doctor be brought to him, despite the fact that their friendship had clearly ended. After discovering Davros' plan to destroy earth, The Doctor blew up his entire fleet of Daleks. It is currently unknown if he survived (presumably he had another escape pod).

List of AppearancesEdit