Species Human
Played by Christopher Thomson

Jim is an adult human whose life has consistently been interrupted, bothered and subsequently destroyed by The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor, The Pompous Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor collectively.

Encounters with The DoctorEdit

The Fruit Pastel DoctorEdit

Jim got the lead role in his school's production of Macbeth. During his performance, The Fruit Pastel Doctor arrived and started adding his own commentary to the play. The play was ruined when The Doctor pulled the fire alarm, drenching everyone and souring Jim's aspirations to become an actor.

The Sorry DoctorEdit

Jim was getting mugged in an alleyway by two thugs when The Sorry Doctor arrived. Rather than helping him, the timid Time Lord instead opted to stay out of the fight. He also inadvertently encouraged the thugs to beat on Jim even harder.

The Pompous DoctorEdit

Jim was working as a writer for the local newspaper. At one point, The Pompous Doctor arrived to meet with Jim's boss, The Journalist and left Martin on his desk. Jim recognized the name and found a file on The Doctor in a drawer. During his investigation, The Doctor defeated The Journalist and Martin had defecated on Jim's desk. When The Doctor left, The Journalist had Jim fired (thinking it was him who had messed up the desk). Jim was now jobless.

The Dynamite DoctorEdit

Despite having no job, Jim still had two things to live for: His Nan and his girlfriend Tulip Taylor. During an encounter with The Dynamite Doctor, Jim was attacked by a Time Demon and his nan "sacrificed" herself for The Doctor. A week later, Jim tried to confront The Doctor about all the horrible things he'd done to him. The Doctor then proceeded to convince Tulip to travel with him by telling her Jim was dead (which he wasn't). Jim had now lost everything.

The Tea ZoneEdit

Much later, Jim decided it was time to act. He gathered all of The Doctors together to The Tea Zone to make them pay for what they had done. Jim then attacked The Dynamite Doctor and caused a lapse in The Doctors' concentration, forcing a hole to open in the Tea Zone. Jim fell in and was torn apart through The Doctors' timestream. All that remains of him throughout time and space is his name and voice.

Going to War Edit

Despite supposedly being torn apart Jim was inexplicably revived and summoned to help fight in a war against an army of Daleks led by The Pompous Doctor that were fighting against The Fruit Pastel, Sorry and Dynamite Doctor. As well as a sixth, female incarnation. Jim admitted he wasn't sure why or how he was there and told The Doctors' that this didn't change anything between him and them.

List of Appearances Edit