Mayday of The Doctor
Doctor(s) The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Companion(s) None
Villain(s) None
Wave None
Wave/Episode No. X.2
Duration 8m 37s
Originally Released 17th July 2014
Previous Story The Doctor Museum
Next Story Mortal Pomposity

Mayday of The Doctor is The Fruit Pastel Doctor's second special.

The Doctor lands on a plane. You probably know the rest.


The Doctor lands in a plane that is stuck in the heart of a thunderstorm. After one of the pilots has a heart attack, the co-pilot attempts to land the plane safely. Fruit Pastel intervenes in what appears to be an attempt to help, though he ends up getting carried away and renders the co-pilot useless as well. The Doctor eventually manages to land the plane - after one fatality - and leaves the scene feeling satisfied. It is only later when the pilot recovers that it is revealed that they landed on a train station.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor confesses that he's always wanted to be the geeky flight simulator fan that lands the plane in the movies. After breaking the Co-Pilots fingers, he realises that he's not a flight simulator fan.



The Doctor - Benji Clifford

Co-Pilot Parker - Richard B Brookes

Captain - Joel H Joelson

Air Traffic Control - Joel H Joelson

Passenger - Billy Treacy


Written by - Benji Clifford

Music - Benji Clifford

Theme Tune - Benji Clifford

Sound Design - Benji Clifford

Cover Art - Billy Treacy