Nightmare in Matte Grey
Doctor(s) The Sorry Doctor
Companion(s) David
Villain(s) Cybermen
Wave On the Line
Wave/Episode No. 1.3
Duration 5m 24s
Originally Released 14th December 2013
Previous Story A Spot of Golf
Next Story On the Line

Nightmare in Matte Grey is the third episode of The Sorry Doctor's first wave On the Line.

In the aftermath of a Cyberman massacre, The Doctor is set an impossible challenge.


David blows up a ship belonging to the Cybermen before The Doctor can negotiate with them. Upset by this, the Doctor insists that there could have been another way. An argument ensues about whether Cybermen can or can't become good, leading to them capturing a Cyberman before the ship blows and placing a bet on whether or not the Doctor can turn it.

The Cyberman is placed into a coma and The Doctor speaks to him as he sleeps. The Cyberman experiences a nightmare sequence, with The Doctor chasing him through a black void holding food. At the climax of this manic trip, the Cyberman awakes and asks for some ice cream.

The Doctor and David drop the friendly Cyberman off at Perfectio Gardos, before David bets The Doctor double-or-nothing.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor is convinced that there is some good to be found in the Cybermen and is rather cross at David when he destroys the ship without giving him a chance to negotiate. He is proved right in the end and makes 20 Credits.


David is resolute in his thinking that Cybermen cannot be reasoned with. He loses 10 Credits betting this to be the case with The Doctor. He loses the another 10 Credits later when it is revealed there are two Cybermen in The English Country Garden.

The CybermenEdit

The Doctor manages to prove that Cybermen can change and become better when put into a coma and chased around by someone with some form of food. However, this can only be acheived one Cyberman at a time.



The DoctorDaniel Sherratt

David - David McLaughlin

Cybermen - Benji Clifford


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - Daniel Sherratt

Theme Tune - Daniel Sherratt

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy