Patience of the Daleks
Doctor(s) The Pompous Doctor
Companion(s) Martin the Pug
Villain(s) Daleks
Wave The Pug in the Machine
Wave/Episode No. 1.2
Duration 4m 37s
Originally Released 7th October 2013
Previous Story Evil of the TARDIS
Next Story The English Country Garden

Patience of the Daleks is the second episode of The Pompous Doctor's first wave The Pug in the Machine.

A long line of spaceships are lining up towards Planet Earth, and a set of old enemies are within it.


The Doctor and Martin comes across a long line of spaceships that appear to be queuing up to invade the Earth one-by-one. The Daleks are part of this queue, and The Doctor lands the TARDIS on their ship, and they explain that every Saturday a different alien race has a go (although there was one point where they did it twice-weekly).

After rambling pointlessly at them for quite some time, The Doctor distracts the Daleks by removing the Dalek Emperor’s gun and throwing it to Martin to fetch, before the two run off together safe and sound.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor is familiar with the Daleks and doesn’t seem immensely frightened by them. The queue of alien ships is new to him though. Although he doesn’t save the day in any sense, he feels that him and Martin being alive and well is a suitable conclusion. He insists that he’ll come back to sort it all out eventually.

Martin the PugEdit

Martin proves he can learn tricks in this story. He can turn on the scanner, as well as fetch Dalek weaponry. He can also outrun Dalek fire. The Doctor tells Martin he needs to get some mouthwash. At the end of the adventure, he vomits in the TARDIS.

The DaleksEdit

They immediately want to exterminate The Doctor upon contact, but change their mind just as quickly. They find Martin too fast and agile to hit, which demonstrates that these Daleks are a little bit rubbish. In this story, they are led by the Dalek Emperor.



The DoctorBilly Treacy

Daleks - Benji Clifford


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - Daniel Sherratt

Theme Tune - Billy Treacy

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy