The Deadly Killer
Doctor(s) The Pompous Doctor
Companion(s) Tim
Villain(s) The Sonic Screwdriver
Wave Darker Paths
Wave/Episode No. 3.2
Duration 13m 58s
Originally Released 8th September 2014
Previous Story Mortal Pomposity
Next Story The Corner of the Universe

The Deadly Killer is the second episode of The Pompous Doctor's third wave Darker Paths. This story introduces a new variation of the theme tune and gives the Pompous Doctor a new costume. It also marks the first chronological appearance of Tim.

There's been a murder. In the future.


The Doctor finds himself dragged to Gallifrey, where The Scientist and an apprentice Time Lord known as Tim are waiting for him. The Scientist reveals he survived his encounter with The Doctors from Doctor3 through regeneration and that he regenerated into exactly the same incarnation. However, although he remains the same in appearance, he insists that he is no longer a villain, but the head of the Science Division of the Gallifreyan Crime Prevention.

They explain that although they took The Doctor back to Gallifrey for a temporal anomaly that was detected within his personal timeline, they actually want him to solve a murder - a murder that's about to take place in half an hour. Their devices have detected that The Scientist will be murdered, and they want The Doctor to uncover the "deadly killer".

The Doctor and Tim explore The Scientist's lab for clues. They find the prototype for a sonic device on the floor next to puddle, but before they can intervene, The Scientist enters, slips in the puddle, and falls to the floor, impaling himself once again, revealing the murderer to be the puddle.

Later, when The Doctor and Tim are talking in the TARDIS, The Scientist cuts in on the speaker, explaining that he has regenerated once again (and still sounds and looks exactly the same). He then activates the TARDIS' engines remotely, trapping Tim with The Doctor as an accidental new companion.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor feels a mixture of fear and irritation throughout this story. He remains annoyed by The Scientist and his antics, but Tim - a companion from his future - haunts him. He refuses to let Tim stay onboard the TARDIS, and explains why, but is given no choice. He has also changed his outfit from his usual toothpaste jacket to a black and red boating blazer with a black shirt and tie and a burgundy waistcoat.


Even The Doctor is impressed by Tim's ability to memorise obscure details. After The Scientist dies, Tim requests to join The Doctor on his adventures and although The Doctor initially refuses, Tim gets his own way anyway because of The Scientist's incompetence. It is revealed by The Scientist that Tim brings in biscuits to work.

The ScientistEdit

The Scientist reaches his third incarnation in this story and all three have exactly the same appearance, voice and mannerisms. He is now in charge of the Science Division of Gallifreyan Crime Prevention, which he doesn't put much work in for. A considerable number of biscuits are consumed by The Scientist during this story.

The Dynamite DoctorEdit

The Dynamite Doctor discovers The Scientist to still be alive during the flashback sequence, but decides to leave him to it in the hope that one day The Scientist will return in dramatic fashion and give him an excuse to say, once more, "No... It can't be..."



The DoctorBilly Treacy

Tim - Christopher Johnson

The Scientist - Richard B Brookes

The Dynamite Doctor - Jon Gransden


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - Billy Treacy

Theme Tune - Billy Treacy

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy