The Dynamite Doctor
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Incarnation No. 5
Preceded by The Pompous Doctor
Succeeded by The Quintessential Doctor
Regeneration Cause Unknown
Travels with Tulip Taylor, Christie Christwald
Channelling David Tennant, Matt Smith
Played by Jon Gransden

He's got a trendy coat and a catchphrase that'll blow your mind. This Doctor's hobbies include letting other people sacrifice themselves for him, with a bit of mild perversion on the side.

Personal TimelineEdit

The Time WarEdit

In an unseen/unheard adventure, inbetween adventures of The Pompous Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor, The Doctor battles in the Time War, the climax of which involves The Doctor destroying both the Time Lords and the Daleks as well as Gallifrey, making him the last of his kind (as he likes to keep reminding people). A considerable amount of his adventures are fueled by the consequences of that war.

Travelling with TulipEdit

The Doctor finds Tulip Taylor on 2000's Earth. At the time she is the girlfriend to Jim. After an incident involving a Time Demon, and Jim's Nan dying in a huge and merciless explosion, Tulip decides to join The Doctor in his adventures (mostly because The Doctor convinces Tulip that Jim is dead, making him responsible for Jim losing both his nan and his girlfriend within a week).

The Doctor and Tulip travel together for some time, before Tulip - in an unseen/unheard adventure - sacrifices herself to save him in a story that involves the Daleks.

Convolution of The DoctorEdit

The Doctor picks up a new companion called Christie Christwald (once again in an adventure we don't know about), and they take part in an adventure in Cardiff involving a Time Devil from the Time War and Christie traveling through time to meet all of his previous incarnations (Convolution of The Doctor) An new old friend of his, Geoff the Axon, also features, although he dies pretty soon after being introduced; we can assume that The Doctor met Geoff in yet another unseen/unheard escapade.

Going to WarEdit

A call to arms summons The Dynamite Doctor to The Blue Box Cafe in Cardiff along with two of his other incarnations. Before arriving, he and Christie had picked up a crazy-strange-impossible distress call from the Daleks that was of the utter-most importance, but decided to forget about it when the call to arms reached the TARDIS. The Quintessential Doctor has gathered them together in order to combat The Pompous Doctor, who has gone rogue. During their conversation, a flock of seagulls almost hit The Dynamite Doctor's jacket.

When the Doctors begin assembling their army, The Dynamite Doctor sneaks on board a Cybermen ship. He leads them back to the Doctors' battle cruiser. It's only with help from The Quincy Doctor that they manage to get the Cybermen on their side.

At the end of the war, Pompous is punished by The Scientist and Quincy who (using the Pompinator) change his future incarnation's annoyance factor by 300%. Dynamite's mannerisms, catchphrases and actions are nothing but a direct result of Pompous' decision.

Boom Goes the DynamiteEdit

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Regeneration Edit

Dynamite's body was found floating through space by a duo of space dumpers. When he was retrieved by them him still being alive and regeneration process led to them being incredibly scared, combined with the fuel supplies being incredibly low. This lead to them throwing him in the fuel tank, with his regeneration energy being powerful enough to restore the fuel levels.

List of AppearancesEdit