The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Notable Quote:

"Would you like a fruit pastel?"

Incarnation No. 2
Preceded by The Original Doctor
Succeeded by The Sorry Doctor
Regeneration Cause Depression
Travels with Dilbert the Dalek, Bellal,

The Bartender, Talulu

Channelling Tom Baker
Played by Benji Clifford

You never quite know what to expect with Fruit Pastel on account of the fact that he's completely and utterly mad. Most times you'll find him guffawing at the oddest of things.

Personal TimelineEdit

Aimless WanderingsEdit

After landing the TARDIS in a women's locker room, the Fruit Pastel Doctor finds himself trapped in a malfunctioning lift with Maxime, Eric Klieg, and an alien that communicates via wobbling.

Sometime after the incident with the lift, The Fruit Pastel Doctor gets the TARDIS stuck in a marsh and has to hitchhike to a nearby school in order to get the necessary equipment. As it would turn out, the man he's hitchhiking with turns out to be one of the Hikeskatians. He manages to stop the Hikeskatian and decides to stick around the school to watch their production of Macbeth. The play, however, was ruined when The Doctor pulled the fire alarm.

After ruining Jim's play and talking with him and his future incarnations, Fruit Pastel lands on a plane as the pilot receives a heart attack. He steps in, breaks the co-pilot's fingers and manages to nearly avoid crashing the plane by steering it into the wrong airport.

Christie's EncounterEdit

Christie Christwald finds The Fruit Pastel Doctor after jumping into The Doctor's timestream. She finds him and a group of builders referbishing his new pub The Rotten Pastel and gives him a bag of moudly fruit pastels. She then convinces The Doctor not to eat them and instead use them as inspiration for a new fruit pastel section within the pub.

Forbidden Fruit Pastel Edit

to be added

Going to WarEdit

A call to arms summons The Fruit Pastel Doctor to The Blue Box Cafe in Cardiff along with two of his other incarnations. Before arriving, The Fruit Pastel Doctor finds himself a new companion, Talulu. The Quintessential Doctor has gathered them together in order to combat The Pompous Doctor, who has gone rogue. During their conversation, Fruit Pastel hires a flock of seagulls to deficate on The Sorry Doctor's blazers and The Dynamite Doctor.

After gathering information on Radiophonic, the Doctors are thrown in jail. Fruit Pastel manages to get themselves and The Master out by tricking Eric Klieg to let them go. When the Doctors begin assembling their army, Fruit Pastel travels to Spottron Pi and speaks with the elder of the Blobatrons to get them on their side.

Regeneration Edit

Upon discovering that one of his future incarnations is a woman, Fruit Pastel returns to the Rotten Pastel depressed. He tells the Bartender that he's closing the pub and vents out his frustrations on him. Shortly after, The Fruit Pastel Doctor regenerates into The Sorry Doctor, who apologizes for wrecking everything.


Clothes Maketh the Time LordEdit

The Fruit Pastel Doctor's outfit is comprised of a Tweed Jacket, checked shirt and unusually long scarf. He has no waistcoat or neckwear to speak of, wears flared trousers, and every now and then a pair of pink high heels.

List of AppearancesEdit