The Master
Species Time Lord
Played by Sam Dimitrijevic

The Master is a rogue Time Lord that is occasionally described as The Doctor's 'best enemy'.

Personal TimelineEdit

At the AcademyEdit

The Master went to the academy with The Original Doctor. They were the best of friends until he started going evil (stealing the Doctor's socks and burning them). Ultimately, it was a prank played on the Doctor by the Master and The Journalist that resulted in the end of his friendship with The Doctor.

The Pug MasterplanEdit

The Master anonymously gave The Pompous Doctor a pet dog called Martin the Pug. He had attached a small microphone into his collar in order to spy on The Doctor. During The Pug Masterplan, he had intended to watch and gloat as The Doctor travelled closer into the jaws of one of the Giant Space Pugs. His gloating, however, inadvertently saved The Doctor's life by allowing him to quickly change course.

Working for AscoEdit

In order to pay for his numerous evil schemes, The Master begins working part-time on weekends at Asco. He worked the checkout counter until an encounter with the Pompous Doctor. He was subsequently fired for overcharging The Doctor three credits.

The Doctor MuseumEdit

The Master created a fake museum centered around The Doctor by plucking places and items from his past in order to lure him into a trap. When The Sorry Doctor visited the museum, he put an end to The Master's plan by reprogramming all of the Pompous Doctor robots to attack anyone with a beard. The Sorry Doctor then left him to be entangled in his own trap.

Going to WarEdit

After discovering The Pompous Doctor's plans to build an army, The Master begged him to let him join the club. Irritated, the Doctor had the Radiophonic Workshop throw The Master in jail

Shortly thereafter, The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor join him in his cell. Together, they escape and are confronted by The Pompous Doctor declaring war on them. The Master has joined Fruit Pastel, Sorry and Dynamite's army.

When the Doctors begin assembling their army, The Master is dropped off at the butt-end of Axos. Shortly thereafter, he is captured by The Pompous Doctor and tricked into joining his side.


Clothes Maketh the Time LordEdit

The Master dresses in a classic nefarious black suit, with a black tie and gloves.


The Master has an evil goatee, as all good villains do. It is revealed in Jim that it is not natural face fuzz, and was removed from an unidentified part of his body and glued to his face.

List of AppearancesEdit