The Original Doctor
Notable Quote:

"Oh, what is it now?"

Incarnation No. 1
Preceded by None
Succeeded by The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Regeneration Cause Unknown
Travels with An companion
Channelling William Hartnell
Played by Billy Treacy (Flashback related by the Pompous Doctor)

Jon Gransden (Audiobook reading)

Not an enormous amount is known about The Original Doctor at all, mostly because he excludes himself from any activity with his future incarnations whenever he's invited to; mostly out of fear and shame of who he'll become.

Personal TimelineEdit

At the AcademyEdit

The Doctor was a student at the academy. At one point he got in trouble for placing Zarbi larvae in the Lord President's bed. The Doctor and the Master attended their studies together as best friends until the Master started going evil (stealing the Doctor's socks and burning them). The Doctor, being the grumpy old sod that he was, gave him several one last chances. One day, he found a strange metal hand eating his sonic screwdriver in his room, believing it was the Master who had done this. Ultimately, it was a prank played on the Doctor by The Master and The Journalist resulted in the end of his friendship with the Master.

Leaving GallifreyEdit

Some point later in his life, The Original Doctor steals a TARDIS and leaves Gallifrey in search of adventure.

Christie's EncounterEdit

Christie Christwald found The Original Doctor in Convolution of The Doctor, after jumping into The Doctor's timestream. It is unclear when in this incarnation's life the event occurs, but he is walking through London at night and Christie's distraction causes him to walk into a wall, hurting his nose in the process. She then completely ruins the moment by realising how important the occasion is and forgetting what to say.

List of AppearancesEdit