The Pompous Doctor
Notable Quote:

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am me. Now that I have introduced myself, who are you?"

Incarnation No. 4
Preceded by The Sorry Doctor
Succeeded by The Dynamite Doctor, The American Doctor (alternate future)
Regeneration Cause Flickerer's Touch (Aborted Timeline) Unknown (Current Timeline)
Travels with Pip, Martin the Pug, Tim, Wren Stark, Mute, The Passenger
Channelling William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker
Played by Billy Treacy

Phoenix Smith (narration)

Well-spoken, arrogant and rude, this Doctor is practical, intelligent, but not liked. Most times he'll be pompous and grumpy, venting his frustration through honest ranting.

Personal TimelineEdit

The Pug in the MachineEdit

The Doctor is given Martin the Pug to look after by an anonymous friend. They travel across space and time together, encountering monsters such as Daleks and Humphrey the Killer Plant. One day, whilst travelling in the TARDIS, The Doctor finds out that Martin has a microphone and a transmitter attached to his collar. It turns out Martin was given to The Doctor by none other than The Master who used the pug to find out where The Doctor was and what he was doing. When The Doctor's TARDIS starts flying towards a Giant Space Pug, The Master tunes in to gloat. However, this gloating gives The Doctor enough time to change direction. The Doctor decides to keep Martin due to the fact that the little pug was completely ignorant of his betrayal.

Walkies in the Death ZoneEdit

The Doctor and Martin continue on their adventures for some time. Martin begins to stop being solution to problems, and instead starts to become the cause of them, although at one point he does convince The Doctor to make friends with Davros.

Encounter with Jim Edit

The Pompous Doctor encounters Jim whilst confronting a rogue Time Lord known as The Journalist. Martin goes to the toilet on Jim's desk whilst he is away, causing Jim to get fired.

Christie's Encounter Edit

Christie Christwald finds The Pompous Doctor in Convolution of The Doctor, after jumping into The Doctor's timestream. She finds him just after his adventure in A Good Pug Goes to War in the TARDIS. When The Pompous Doctor realises that The Dynamite Doctor has sent her to give him a pug brooch, he hides under a chair in fear. She gives up trying to negociate and simply pins it to the flap on the back of his jacket, before disappearing. Martin is completely apathetic to the situation.

Darker Paths Edit

The Doctor is summoned to the Tea Zone by a future version of his current incarnation. This future version of The Pompous Doctor is much more polite and well mannered than his younger self, contrasting him to the Sorry Doctor. He is no longer travelling with Martin, and instead has two new companions, Tim and Wren Stark. The future Doctor shows his younger self the future, where he gives up his life to the Flickerer, in order to save Wren. This results in his regeneration into The Dynamite Doctor. Horrified by this, the present Doctor hastily leaves the Tea Zone, and vows to make certain that this future will not come to pass. He soon changes his costume, and when he meets Tim for the first time on Gallifrey he initially attempts refusing to let him travel with him, under the belief that this will only make his future more probable. However despite his efforts Tim still ends up joining him and Martin in the TARDIS, thanks to The Scientist's stupidity. When The Doctor and Tim arrive in Wales (in an unspecified timeline) during a Zombie apocalypse initiated by the Daleks, he meets Wren and attempts to ignore her. When he confronts the Daleks and Davros, he blows up their fleet to make certain he doesn't become the kind gentle man his future self was. He hopes this will put Wren off wanting to travel with him. However, much to The Doctor's annoyance, Tim manages to persuade Wren to travel with them. Toward the end of 


The Doctor's appearance in Darker Paths and War of The Doctors

the Doctor's dark journey, the Flickerer finally catches the Doctor in a dead end, and The Doctor is confronted with memories of Martin having to be put down. This pushes him over the edge and allows the Flickerer kill Wren, saving The Doctor from his fate. Tim tries to kill The Doctor but has no choice but to serve him because they are the two most wanted men in creation. The Doctor ends by expecting a war.

Going to WarEdit

With the majority of the universe against him, The Pompous Doctor decides to collect money from the remains of Debitron and goes to the Radiophonic Workshop in order to find defence. He gathers information and begins assembling his army. He starts by forming an alliance with the Daleks in order to combat his other incarnations, who were summoned by The Quintessential Doctor to stop him.

He then gathers Time Lord battle cruisers with help from The Scientist and sets out to confront his other selves. Along the way, he captures The Master and makes him join his side, mainly so that his army would look more menacing and hurt the other Doctors' feelings.

After fighting his other selves, Pompous takes his army to Cardiff in a last pitch effort to distance himself as much from his future. He has The Scientist work on a new invention that will rewrite the regeneration helix in Time Lords and change all incarnations into the same form. Unfortunately, his other selves destroy the machine. Pompous is convinced to switch sides when Tim and Dynamite travel into the future to retrieve his new future: The American Doctor. Once defeating the American and the Radiophonic Workshop, The Doctor learns that Quincy and The Scientist have punished him by turning the annoyance meters on his future incarnation by 300%. Dynamite is the way he is because of Pompous' actions. After being forgiven by his other selves, The Doctor and Tim return to their travels through space and time in honor of Martin and Wren.


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List of AppearancesEdit