The Scientist
Species Time Lord
Played by Richard B Brookes

The Scientist, also known as The Lord President of Gallifrey and The Lord Teacher of Gallifrey is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He first appeared in The Bathtub of Rassilon and last appeared in The Deadly Killer. He has a very laid back lifestyle and manner of speaking, ironic considering his high up position. All of his known incarnations possess the same physical appearance and personality.

The Lord Teacher of Gallifrey Edit

Nothing is known of The Scientist's early life. But we do know that he served as The Lord Teacher of Gallifrey, running the Time Lord academy. He showed particular fondness for the young Doctor. (Multiple Doctors, X.2 - Jim)

The Lord President of Gallifrey Edit

The Scientist was later promoted to Lord President of Gallifrey. In this position he organised a team of archaeologists - Including The Master, The Sorry Doctor and The Pompous Doctor - to find the legendary Bathtub of Rassilon. However, they were apparantly unsuccessful and all but The Doctors and The Master died of old age. (YouTube - The Bathtub of Rassilon)

Thanks to a prank pulled on by The Original Doctor, the Scientist enjoyed a large heaping of Zarbi larvae in his bedroom one evening.

The Scientist Edit

The Lord President later became corrupt and adopted the title of The Scientist in order to gain 'Immortality and Power and... you know... stuff." Sending 'a dozen giant planet eating space pugs out into neighboring galaxies.' One of which The Pompous Doctor encountered in The Pug Masterplan. Nevertheless, he was defeated when as Sonic Screwdriver fell into his head. (Multiple Doctors, X.1 - Doctor3)

Scientific Division of Crime Prevention Edit

The Scientist miraculously regenerated into the exact same form. He was demoted from his position as Lord President of Gallifrey to Manager of The Scientific Division of Crime Prevention, entailing 'time distortions, stolen bunsen burners' and 'parking tickets'. (Pompous, 3.2 - The Deadly Killer)

He currently sides with The Pompous Doctor in his universal war against his other incarnations. (Multiple Doctors, X.3 - War of The Doctors)

List of Appearances Edit