The Search for Ireland
Doctor The Sorry Doctor
Wave No. 2
Companion(s) David
Central Villain None
Duration 49m 02s
Originally Released 2nd May - 24th June 2014
Previous Wave Walkies in the Death Zone
Next Wave Darker Paths

The Search for Ireland is The Sorry Doctor's second wave of adventures.

After a mishap involving vomit, the TARDIS has refused to return to Ireland, forcing The Doctor to commence a quest to find David's homeland - the long way around.


Story ArcEdit

The Doctor and David attempt to reach Ireland, but end up visiting Blackpool instead. It turns out that the TARDIS is refusing to visit David's homeland, due to a drunkard vomiting down its side on their last visit.

There are several attempts to visit Ireland over the course of the wave. Instead, they find themselves in Italy trying to catch a lizard in the Sistine Chapel (Trouble at Chapel), at a Dalek convention where they discover the Daleks have paid The Radiophonic Workshop to design new casings for them (iDalek), on the set of a prank show where a host is trying to convince them it's David's future and he's dead (David's Grave).

For the final adventure, they don't bother with this quest, instead deciding to visit a museum dedicated to The Doctor, which turns out to be a trap set by The Master (The Doctor Museum). They never reach Ireland, with The Doctor remarking that they should save it for "next series".