Trouble at Chapel
Doctor(s) The Sorry Doctor
Companion(s) David
Villain(s) None
Wave The Search for Ireland
Wave/Episode No. 2.1
Duration 9m 24s
Originally Released 2nd May 2014
Previous Story Convolution of The Doctor
Next Story iDalek

Trouble at Chapel is the first episode of The Sorry Doctor's second wave The Search for Ireland.

A trip to the Sistine Chapel brings The Doctor and David face-to-face with Michelangelo. And an alien space lizard.


The Doctor attempts to return David to his home country of Ireland, but they instead end up in Blackpool. It is revealed that the TARDIS wants to avoid Ireland because the last time they were there (which was when the Doctor first met David) it was vomited on by a random drunkard. A second attempt takes them to Italy,1512. There they encounter the Fruit Pastel Doctor who idiotically gives them an alien egg containing a space lizard.The egg hatches and the lizard escapes to wreck havoc in the Sistine Chapel where the ceiling is being painted by Michelangelo. The Doctor locates the lizard and immobilises it with a sticky gun, but in doing so destroys part of the wall. When Michelangelo refuses to re-paint it, the Doctor instructs David to fetch help so they can do it themselves. The Doctor transports the lizard into the Pompous Doctor's TARDIS, when David returns with the incompetent policemen for On The Line. The Doctor yells out "NO!" in horror and frustration.


The Doctor Edit

The Doctor is in possession of an incredibly power glue gun. Although he is submissive toward the Fruit Pastel Doctor, he shows a previously unseen mischievous side after he sneaks the lizard into the Pompous Doctor's TARDIS.


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The TARDIS doesn't wish to visit Ireland because the last it was there it was vomited on by a drunkard. The first attempt The Doctor makes takes them to Blackpool. The second takes them to Italy.

The Fruit Pastel DoctorEdit

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The Pompous DoctorEdit

The Doctor leaves the lizard in The Pompous Doctor's TARDIS. At first, The Pompous Doctor believes Martin the Pug brought in a friend, but before he can come to a suitable conclusion, the creature sabatages the TARDIS console, causing a catatrophic event that the story doesn't delve any further into.



The DoctorDaniel Sherratt

DavidDavid McLaughlin

Old Lady - Billy Treacy

The Fruit Pastel Doctor - Benji Clifford

Michelangelo - Benji Clifford

The Pompous Doctor - Billy Treacy

The Police - Billy Treacy


Written by - Daniel Sherratt and Billy Treacy

Music - Daniel Sherratt

Theme Tune - Daniel Sherratt

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy